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Komodo Dungaree

Komodo Dungaree

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  • JOY Dungaree is the staple color and piece for your summer wardrobe collection. Made from Organic Cotton, this stylish piece is not only the perfect color but is also sustainable and Vegan, creating an positive impact on the environment.

    • Made from 100% Organic CottonĀ 

    • Cool Machine Wash

    • Vegan

    What is KOMODO Organic Cotton?

    Today's topic is organic cotton, one of our most used fabrics. Soft and comfortable, the cotton fabric is used for almost every type of clothing, and it is clear to see how adopting organic cotton can impact us and our natural environment positively.

    Significantly lower water usage is a huge benefit of organic cotton and organic production of cotton is often, though not always, supported by improved pay and working conditions for workers. For us as consumers, the fabric is softer, lowers our impact during the 'use' stage and the quality lasts longer as no chemicals have been used in the growth of the plant. Though it demands a higher cost, and impurities can appear to interrupt the color of the fabric, these are outweighed by the awareness of our planet that we are cultivating and encouraging through a style that is sustainable and timeless.

    Facts Behind The Fabric

    1. The amount of water needed for 1 kg of organic cotton is 7,000 litters compared to the amount of water needed for 1 kg of non-organic cotton is 29,000 litters.

    2. Organic Cotton is the most skin-friendly, soothing and harmless natural fiber.This is the ideal material for protecting and cleaning newborn babies.

    3. By avoiding toxic pesticides workers avoid health problems and deaths common in non-organic cotton production.This also reduces production costs and farmer debts.

    4. Yearly produced amount of organic cotton: 25,000 tons.This is only 0.1% of the worldwide production is organic cotton.

    5. Cotton is the most pesticide dependent crop in the world.Every T-shirt uses a quarter-pounders worth of toxic chemicals. Organic cotton uses non. It's better for the land, the water and the people...

  • WOMEN Size Chart

    SIZE 1 / UK 8 / EUR 36Ā To fit: Chest 32-33" / Waist 25-26" / Hip 35-36"

    SIZE 2 / UK 10 / EUR 38Ā To fit: Chest 34-35" / Waist 27-28" / Hip 37-38"

    SIZE 3 / UK 12 / EUR 40Ā To fit: Chest 36-37" / Waist 29-30" / Hip 39-40"

    SIZE 4 / UK14 / EUR 42Ā To fit: Chest 38-39" / Waist 31-32" / Hip 41-42"

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    Tips: Keep liquids and creams in a separate cosmetic bag. Cap pens, most ink spots cannot be removed.

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