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Freshie & Zero Jewelry

Freshie & Zero Jewelry

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When entering “Freshie” Beth Lawrence’s downtown studio, the vibe is laid-back, inviting and LOUD! With hammers pounding and music playing, she keeps a fun atmosphere where she and her small team create each piece of jewelry. Beth began her jewelry-making career early in life. While still in elementary school, she sold her handmade earrings door-to-door using a Caboodle as her salesman’s case. She also loved going to craft fairs more than the average child. After earning a Studio Art degree, Beth worked in art galleries and as a sales representative before earnestly building her jewelry business from the ground up. In 2006, she officially named her line “Freshie & Zero,” after her nickname and her spunky dog, Zero. She traveled across the country to over a hundred craft fairs and dozens of trade shows, becoming known for her clean, minimal jewelry. What started as a small coffee table operation has evolved into a very busy business. Beth now has a small team helping her create her designs, and together they work in her downtown Nashville studio. They listen to music and podcasts while laughing, hammering, and wire wrapping the day away.

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