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Elsewhere Pants

Elsewhere Pants

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ELSEWHERE from Nederland,

-Known for its avant-garde and innovative approach to fashion, finest materials, and unconventional techniques. Dutch fashion also has a strong tradition of collaboration and cross-disciplinary experimentation, with many designers working in fields such as art, architecture, and product design. One of the key ways in which we are becoming more sustainable is through the use of sustainable materials. Natural materials such as organic cotton, linen, and hemp are becoming more popular, as are synthetic materials made from recycled materials like polyester. By manufacturing our clothing locally in Europe, we are able to closely monitor production and minimize transportation in our supply chain. This approach also allows us to be more reactive to demand and only produce what is needed, reducing excess inventory and waste.

Aqua Bow Pant - These simply exquisite jersey trousers combine the ease and comfort of an elasticated waist with the playfulness of adjustable ankle ties. At the rear, jeans-style twin pockets are another winning feature. The inseam length of these trousers is 26.5" (size M)

Tan Splash Pant - Crafted from our paint-print fabric with a slight stretch, these trousers are a masterpiece of cut and color. With an elasticated waistband that sits just above the hip, they’re supremely comfortable. The inseam length of these trousers is 25" (size M).

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