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Pancake Purse - Rooster

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One of a kind carved & tooled original design, which is formed to give dimension.  The handmade glass eye brings a lifelike quality to the rooster.  Iridescent paint gives the feathers and background a luminous surface.  The back and sides of the bag are goatskin, the lining, inside zip pocket, front binding and tassel are pearlized lambskin.  Closes with a zipper and has a full length back zip pocket.  Strap to be worn on wrist or arm. 

"I used to raise Rhode Island Red chickens, which I observed in detail of color and attitude.  Working in a round shape, I've curved the tail overhead, the rooster looks a little stern, ready to pop up from it's broody position. By painting a common chicken on a beautiful handbag I hope to amuse & delight" Mary Ellen Sisulak 

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