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Leather Jacket by Jakett

Leather Jacket by Jakett

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Soft as a dream leather jacket in gorgeous pine color. And you can wash it yourself in a washing machine!!! I know, it's pretty unbelievable.

A few notes from Jakett, New York:

"Few leathermakers balance the refined beauty of fine leather with the utility of other fabrics as Jakett does. Part of leather’s mystique has long been its combination of durability and delicacy — a fabric more polished with age, yet handled with uncommon care. Jakett is not the first to work in washed leather, but we believe our highly technical process elevates the old-school craft. After applying a special enzyme that catalyzes a change in the leather, we wash at a precise temperature, helping maintain its integrity over time. Then it’s drum-tumbled, which buffs and gives the surface a worn-in look (one that time will only improve). Whatever customization may follow, the leather shines on its own — a signature style designed to complement yours."

Washing instructions: cold water only, regular cycle, cold/warm dryer. Dry until it's completely dry to avoid stiffness.

Washing of this jacket it's only possible because of the leather used to make the jacket.

Care information

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Leather Care: Spills on leather should be wiped off ASAP.  Water and saddle soap are recommended for cleaning most leathers. More detailed care instructions are on our website. Purchase leather care products online or in store.

Tips: Keep liquids and creams in a separate cosmetic bag. Cap pens, most ink spots cannot be removed.

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Clothing  Care: Please look for care instructions on the label.


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