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Art Camp September 8-10 "Quilting outside the lines" $425 / $100 deposit

Regular price $100.00

Quilting Outside the lines

This class is for artists who want to quilt or quilters who want to make art. Working with natural fabrics and the possibility of digital printed fabrics; your vision, feeling or place will be inspiration for creating a one of a kind wall piece. Framing, mounting and finishing techniques will be explored. Total 10 hours of exploration. Friday night orientation is to generate ideas, talk about materials and equipment.

Bring your own fabrics, sewing machines are limited, bring your own if you have it.

6 People in class, individual attention insures your success.

Basic sewing skill required with this class.

Cost: $425

Secure your spot with $100 deposit

September 8-10, 2017

Friday orientation 5PM-7PM
Saturday and Sunday 10AM-3PM

Call us with any questions 920-854-4839

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