It's happening, it’s new, it’s a metamorphosis, please come!

Mary Ellen’s art challenges the forces of nature breaking ties with civilization. offering an in depth perspective.  Incorporating leather and stone into mixed media pieces from her Life of Trees Series view “Rebirth”, “Adrift”, and “Three Heart Rings”. The Mimicry Series explores the natural evolution of animal mimicry and camouflage.  Botanical paintings immerse the viewer in the life cycle of plants from roots to blossoms celebrating the richness of color and texture. Revisiting her love of the wax medium, she will be showing a collection of water soluble encaustics.  

Turtle Ridge Gallery is celebrating 33 years of handmade bags, wearable art and jewelry.  The Art Space utilizes an unused portion of the building and expands the focus of fine craft, and original designs that Turtle Ridge Gallery has been known for.  Mary Ellen is fulfilling a life long dream creating works in mixed media and encaustics shown in a dedicated space.

Turtle Ridge Gallery is located at 11736 Mink River Road, just one mile from the heart of Ellison Bay.  Enjoy the natural beauty of the Mink River Nature Conservancy adjacent and the gardens surrounding.

Our hours are 10-5 daily.

Preview Mary Ellen’s work on her website:, phone: 920-854-4839.